1975 Sovereign Airstream

The 31′ Sovereign


The Kate Jackson special, 32′ long. Work in progress. So far she’s basically a large dry, windproof 30′ by 8′ room with pretty solid oak plank flooring to hang out in, particularly helpful if you need a portable change room or its raining during your event. No kitchen, no utilities, no plumbing, no nothing…but there is a double bed and a twin bed in the back and removable ultra leather couches up front for seating. As she is basically an empty shell she is ideal for corporate type events where light interior modifications may be required by the user.

Curb side of the Kate Trailer. I can’t find any evidence that Kate Jackson actually owned her, so I suspect this was just her living quarters during one of the many movies she made on our lovely west coast.
Kate Trailer Interior front


Interior rear of the Kate Jackson trailer, Cabinetry can be removed if requested


Me and Danno on the drivers side of the Kate trailer


A peek through the front door
…and child Labour at work, thanks son 🙂