Camping in a Can

Vintage Airstream Trailer, RV, Camper Rentals, Victoria, BC
Camping in a can is a local family owned business based in beautiful Victoria, BC.
on Vancouver Island, Canada that specializes in Vintage Airstream Camping Trailer Rentals


What started as hobby of restoring these vintage beauties accidentally morphed in
to a business at the slow realization that I can’t go camping in all four at the
same time. So we might as well share them with the world so others get to
live the Airstream experience as well.

My son and I are working together to take them apart, restore them and build
them back up to today’s safety codes, all while taking great care to not have
them lose their vintage originality.

Hence the  birth of our tagline:  With our Vintage Camping in a Can Trailers, vintage doesn’t mean old. It means character, charm and originality from a by-gone era, but fully restored from the axles up to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

I hope you come to see us soon and share in the adventure of being
one with nature in one of our vintage beauties.