How Camping in a Can rentals work

1. You contact us with your preferred dates, venue, choice of trailer.
2. We confirm availability of your chosen Trailer.
3. We email contract. You return signed contract and deposit immediately
4. Two weeks prior to the rental date, the full rental amount is due
5. The date of the event a hauling company will drop it off at approximately 3 pm
6. On the date of your departure the trailer will be picked up at 10:30 am to allow time for transport to the next renter. Some variations to the pick up and return times may be allowed depending on bookings happening on either side of yours.

Please note that in the peak summer months we have minimum 4 day rentals & during the summertime long weekends the trailers are minimum 1 week rentals.

During the off season to September 15th to May 15th the trailers are minimum two night rentals

A booking is not considered held until the deposit is received.
Deposits are payable via E-Transfer or Cash or Credit Card

We need to meet you before hand to give you an orientation on how the systems work. If that is not possible there is an info book inside the trailer on where items are located and how to run the systems.
The Airstreams will have all the items shown under the included in the trailer tab already packed away inside, any extra items that you have requested will be placed just inside the door.
When you are finished with the rental we request that you leave it as is, or better than when you received it with the floor swept, the dishes all washed and put away, all loose items safely stowed and the counters, cabinets and fridge wiped clean and the bathroom wiped down and tidied.
Please place all dirty linens in a large bag by the front door. If the entry mat and the chairs are wet due to rain place them upside down in the tub on top of a towel to drip dry.
Before you leave the trailer ensure all doors and cupboards are closed and firmly latched, check that the roof vent hatches and the windows are closed and latched. Finally make sure all the appliances are switched off and ensure that propane tanks are turned off and therefore safe for the hauler to transport to its next location. Check out time is 10:30 am to leave enough time to check it over and transport it to the next renter.

After your rental please contact us if you noticed any maintenance issues needing attention, we understand that through regular use wear and tear will happen and we like to keep on top of those things to keep our Airstreams as impeccable as possible for the next users.